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Hungaro Taverna style Chicken paprikas with gnocchi (G, L)

2390,- Ft

Hungarian stew of beef with gnocchi (G)

2290,- Ft

Hungarian pasta with cottage cheese and pork cracklings (G, L)

2190,- Ft

Homemade pork sausages with steamed cabbage and mashed potatoes with roasted onion

3 kinds of homemade sausages

2890,- Ft

Crispy Duck leg with steamed cabbage

3290,- Ft

Hungarian thick vegetable ragout with jasmine rice Bácskai style

1890,- Ft


Meat platter (G)

roasted knuckle of ham, fried Pork cutlet, roasted chicken breast steak with bacon, crispy duck leg, steak potatoes, jasmine rice

8890,- Ft

Mixed fish platter (G, L)

fried breaded carp slice Orly style, fried breaded fillet of catfish, whole roasted trout, french fries, jasmine rice, tartar sauce

7890,- Ft

Vegetarian platter (G, L)

fried cheese, fried mushrooms, roasted vegetables, jasmine rice, tartar sauce

5990,- Ft


Daily soup, fried breaded cheese with french fries (G, L)

1750,- Ft

Daily soup, fried breaded pork slice with jasmine rice - peas mix (G)

1750,- Ft

G = Contains gluten

L = Contains lactose

P = Contains peanuts

Dear Customer!

Please note that all our dishes may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, peanuts and milk. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the composition of our dishes may vary. Consequently, please be sure to request information on this matter each time you visit us.

All prices include VAT.

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